Projects – Plan Better. Deliver Better.

It’s a sad fact that 70% of projects fail. Many will be abandoned before reaching the finish line, whilst the rest simply fail to become adopted as the new business as usual. 

​With the perfect balance of skills, Eight Masts provides the holy grail for successful project delivery – the alignment of project AND people.

Qualified in both Waterfall and Agile, our experienced project managers work with clients to determine the right discipline for each project, taking into account their culture, infrastructure, operations and approach to risk. Having delivered hundreds of projects over the past 15 years from small, low-risk development tasks to complex programmes of work with significant investment and risk, we have a tried and tested approach which never fails to deliver.

Experience has taught us that there are crucial points were projects can run aground, so we provide a menu of services to offer support through every phase. It’s never too late to get a project back on track.

Complete end-to-end project management – Taking ownership of a project on your behalf. We will devise, design and deliver the project from the initial business case through to business as usual.

Independent project assurance – A bespoke service aimed at providing confidence that your investment is positioned for the best possible outcome. We provide an independent review and detailed reporting to ensure that all stakeholders are fully informed and able to make the right decisions that keep the project progressing, in-line with objectives.

Training – Many organisations don’t have the luxury of experienced project managers in-house. We provide short and effective workshops to prepare those about to embark on leading projects, equipping them with invaluable tools and an important amount of confidence to succeed. We are always sympathetic to internal business processes (change boards, design authorities, internal reporting and governance) and include how to balance project work with the ‘day job’ to ensure projects progress and people don’t burn out.

Mentoring – For those already leading projects, it can be useful to have a GP style approach to mentoring. Providing them with opportunities to ask questions, get advice and/or assistance, and continue their development. Many clients adopt this approach by project, by individual or as an open clinic run at regular intervals.

Let us help you create a Better Business.