Better feedback, better repeat custom and more fruitful relationships all round for specialist law firm.

A specialist private client and charity law firm, with offices in London and the South West needed to define their unique client experience, including a measurable client satisfaction programme.

Working with the Board to understand the values and culture of the firm as well as their aspirations, we designed an easy to adopt practice called ‘10 Small Things’. These were were habitual changes incorporated into day to day life which, when adopted across the firm, saw a broad uplift in performance. This included staff satisfaction, client feedback and increased client opportunities across teams, all of which had a positive financial impact for the firm. These improvements not only cemented adoption but saw positive endorsement by people at all levels.

The new way of working was delivered at a training roadshow and a highly visible internal campaign delivered bright and engaging reminders throughout the offices and at desks. Follow up sessions on 10 Small Things continued across a year including the annual staff conference where results were shared. Having been built into their appraisal system, appropriate recognition and reward ensured continued success.


  • A key change in working practices across the firm.
  • Improved staff satisfaction, highlighting client, not cash, as their focus.
  • Improved client feedback following adoption.
  • Increased opportunities as the relationships with clients deepened.
  • Increased client sharing opportunities across teams.