Grew regular giving at a top 10 charity by 300% in two years.

A relatively new charity, yet already a household name, was receiving a small number of unsolicited standing orders from members of the public but it had no other regular donation methods in place. There was also no thanking or donor engagement programme, nor were they actively recruiting regular donors.

Within 12 months we had embedded a direct debit capability, engaged two Payroll Giving Agencies, enabled regular giving through SMS and identified a number of people giving regular cash donations.

We also designed and created the brand for a bespoke regular giving programme that included a full contact strategy, supporter newsletter and an engagement programme that incorporated a hugely popular (and financially beneficial) suite of events where donors could visit the charity’s service centres and meet beneficiaries.

Regular giving was integrated into all existing charity communications including the website, newsletter, email programme, trading catalogue, purchase process and as part of  any new registration / sign-up form.  Leading digital technology ensured that regular giving was made available at all events and any fundraising location, whether undertaken by staff, volunteers or the public.

We designed and implemented an acquisition strategy across all regular giving methods, including collaboration with the other fundraising streams and providing training to their nationwide volunteers.

The team were also responsible for creating the charity’s inaugural Christmas campaign, which exceeded expectations on every measure.


  • The average regular giving donation exceeded the national average.
  • Their donor numbers grew 300%.
  • Donors maintained their regular gift longer than the national average.
  • Their number of legacy pledges, taken directly from the regular giving programme, grew exponentially.
  • Designed a proposed lottery scheme valued at £2m in the first year.