In a nutshell, we love working with charities.

Both of our founders have worked with household charity names in senior positions, and share the purpose to deliver effective and affordable consultancy to not-for-profit organisations. It is this mission that led to the creation of Eight Masts.

Admittedly we work in all sectors, but NFP is what drives us. One of the only charity consultancies in the South West, we are here for charities, independent schools, museums and visitor centres.  

With a network of charity specialists, let us talk to you about:  

  • Clearly defining your purpose – When did you last ask yourselves, why you actually existAnd what you need to achieve to no longer need to exist?  We facilitate discussions with trustees and/or leadership teams using relevant insight and analysis, to help crystalise your purpose. 
  • Leadership Development  Creating a team who understand how they fit together to deliver that shared purpose. Providing the skills and attributes required to drive the organisation forward not only through the good times, but through the inevitable storms.  
  • Operational efficiency  Procurement, partnerships, systems and procedures. It’s hugely rewarding finding simple ways to maximise your time, money and people, redirecting those vital resources to your purpose. You’ll be amazed what more can be achieved 
  • Project management  when you do need to embark on a change, give yourself the best possible chance of success. Using experienced project managers will not only provide that comfort, they will save you considerable time and disruption along the way 
  • Digital – let us help with your online objectives. We can help you stay relevant and compliant, from strategy through to supplier / platform selection and implementation.
  • Supporter engagement  Successful relationships are not based on what on party can get from the other, sdon’t fall into that trap. Learn to form authentic relationships with those who already care about what you do. The rewards will be evident and much broader than donations alone.   
  • Fundraising  
    • Approach – Led by your supporter engagement ethos, be clear about your fundraising principles and ensure they fit with your charity’s values. The quickest route to income can have huge appeal, but integrity is everything for that coveted long term support.
    • Ensuring the right income mix – solicited v unsolicited, restricted v unrestricted, corporate v individual, mass public v high value. Match you donation streams to your income requirements and supporter.  
    • Nuts and bolts  Is it easy for people to support you? Do you have all the relevant ways availableAre there opportunities you’re missing out on 
    • Campaign creation and copy writing  working with creative narrators, bring your messages to life with help from our people.   
  • Membership programmes – let us review your membership channels, especially from an online perspective, to see how they can deliver better retention and sign-up.
  • Trading and merchandise – we can provide the expertise to maximise both your online and offline sales, as well as improving those crucial margins for donating to your cause.
  • Training – don’t make this a one off! Let us bring these skills in-house to your teams, developing your own people, with bespoke training days in all of the above areas. 

Contact us for a free consultation to explore how we may be able to help.  

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