From 80% to 99%+ website availability and £1m uplift in online membership revenue.

Delivering a new resilient infrastructure and redevelopment of several business critical web applications for an organisation that was suffering from poor website stability, outdated payment funnels and lack of documented knowledge on how the web estate worked.

This was a large scale, complex project which was a year in process. The project included:

  • Business analysis to document current and desired state
  • A robust business case to secure appropriate buy-in, resources and funds to deliver the project
  • All project documentation, stakeholder management and communications at every level of the organisation
  • A managed tender process to identify and select suitable 3rd
    party development agency and technologies
  • Development of circa 20 web applications, many of which were business critical
  • Implementation of a resilient web infrastructure
  • Full end-to-end testing, transition into live and lessons learned.

The significant benefits to the organisation were:

  • Delivered to time and budget, helping meet essential KPIs and build foundations for an audacious follow-on digital strategy which we also facilitated.
  • Improved online membership funnel, delivering a £1m+ uplift in online memberships within the first 6 months.
  • Increased website uptime from 80% to 99.9% thus improving online engagement and providing reliable access to core organisational information, which in turn drove offline revenue.
  • Meeting legislative requirements around PCI and data protection.
  • Proven failover and disaster recovery mechanisms.
  • Better system monitoring mitigating future outages.
  • Full knowledge transfer documentation.
  • Essential working relationships with 3rd parties who went on to become key providers in future development.