Reduced costs and improved efficiency at major UK television company – with just a tweak.

A household television company needed to reduce costs across the organisation to combat a significant pension deficit. Working with the client, we quickly identified numerous areas for improved efficiency, reduced headcount and major cost savings. Some were tweaks, some involved more complex change programmes, but the collective cost saving ran in to the tens of £millions.

One particular ‘tweak’ which led to the transformational cost saving was the simple introduction of a spreadsheet to replace individual paper timesheets on set. Whilst an even more efficient system would ultimately be designed and fully integrated into the organisation’s other systems, a mere spreadsheet had significant impact on time, man hours and headcount.


  • Removal of all print and paper costs and associated environmental
  • Removal of all storage/archiving costs and associated transport costs.
  • Significantly reduced man hours/head count to transfer data.
  • Quicker and more accurate processing.