Better Business

“Very few organisations want or need to transform. What most really want is to simply do better. Better than the rest. Better than before. Hopefully, better than they could imagine. That’s where we come in.“

We’ve helped countless organisations across the private, public and charity sectors to achieve better. Increased income, reduced costs, improved productivity, increased staff retention, improved client feedback and referral, people development and organisational resilience. 

We’ve done this, not by designing transformation programmes, but by delivering incremental improvements across an organisation. It’s the cumulative result that has the transformative impact. This is what clients are really looking for. 

Using our two tried and tested formulas, we will work with you across three key areas:

Regardless of the size, structure or sector of your organisation, by applying our Better Business formula, we’ll ensure you have the clarity, confidence and strength of core to succeed.

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Where we identify areas for improvement, we will apply our Tweak to Transform formula to deliver successful change. The beauty of this formula is that it is entirely scalable, from introducing a new central IT system to refining your billing process.

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Should we identify opportunities for significant development, our highly experienced project teams will lead and/or guide the project beyond delivery, to successfully embedding it as the new ‘business as usual’. Where 70% of most projects fail, we can help you remain in the successful 30% minority.

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Why ‘only’ better?

We sometimes get asked, ‘why only better?’. Our response is, ‘what’s better?’

Better – courtesy of the Oxford English Dictionary:

  • (adj) ‘More desirable or effective’.
  • (adj) ‘More appropriate, advantageous and/or well advised’.
  • (adverb) ‘More excellently and/or effectively and to a greater degree, with success or desirable actions’.
  • (noun) ‘The better one. That which is better (compared to, and than, the rest)’.
  • (verb) ‘Improve or surpass your previous level of achievement, and/or overcome or defeat any opponent or barrier’.

So now ask yourself, do you really need to ¹change or ²transform your organisation? Or do you just want to be Better? Let’s talk – or 01225 904598.

¹Change – make or become different.
²Transform – a marked change in form, nature, or appearance.