After a somewhat unorthodox route into business via green-keeping and canoeing, I spent seven years with KPMG and PwC working with FTSE 100, 250 and AIM listed companies, many of which were based in the South West.  I also spent more than two years seconded to a specialist bids and tenders unit.

For the last ten years I have worked in the legal and charity sectors, responsible for improving income and operational efficiency, whilst increasing engagement (and subsequent yield) with clients, donors and staff alike. 

Operating at the very top of organisations throughout my career, I have designed and driven change programmes across a multitude of business areas and industries. This experience has taught me that success is driven by people – accepting, adopting and eventually advocating change – rather than by large-scale organisational transformation. My focus now lies is ensuring that you, your clients and any third parties, if required, have the understanding, confidence and capability to do things differently.

A qualified coach and facilitator, I have a passion for helping individuals and groups achieve inspiration. Developing leadership teams and delivering one-to-one executive coaching is an increasing part of what I do (and I love it). 

What about the bottom line? With my natural curiosity in people, my roles have allowed my to explore specific insight in to ‘buying behaviours’ and how organisations not only win but retain their clients/donors of choice. This has enabled me to successfully engage with audiences (from large businesses to individual charity donors) and then, crucially, to turn those relationships into income.

Living in the countryside, just outside Bath, I keep busy with a daughter and two handsome spaniels. I am also a netball nerd – playing, coaching and umpiring whenever possible. 

Open, professional and entirely human…people are my passion. 

Committee Member – The Law Society
Associate – Learning & Performance Institute
Member – Institute Leadership and Management 
Enterprise Advisor – Ralph Allen School, Bath 

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