Having met as friends, Nick and Claire soon noticed a shared passion for helping organisations and individuals achieve better. And after years of working with, and often employing, countless consultants they also became adamant that there was a better way to do business.  It was from this foundation that the Better Business philosophy was born.

Whilst the world seems currently fixated on using ‘transformation’ as the means to achieving results, our combined experience of managing, leading, training and consulting has taught us that it’s delivering incremental improvements across an organisation that achieves transformational results – and isn’t that what we’re all really wanting?

We’ve developed two tried and tested formulas which never fail to provide results. Learn more about these and our Better Business philosophy here

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Better Business, contact us at hello@eightmasts.co.uk or 01225 904 508.

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“Outside of the large consultancy firms, it is rare to find a company which can offer the breadth of services Eight Masts provides.” Client, Legal Services